Do One Thing: Get Fit with Lev

Do One ThingWhat can you learn from a bunch of high school kids? Quite a bit it turns out, if you take the time to listen.

As part of SCCA’s support of C89.5’s Do One Thing initiative, we listened to a boatload of audio PSAs recorded by students from Gregg Neilson’s Radio Journalism class at Nathan Hale High School. Each PSA featured students sharing their Do One Thing thing — the personal life change they enacted to make themselves and the world around them better.

After hearing the PSAs, we were inspired to turn several of them into videos, the first of which features Lev Marcus, a Nathan Hale senior. Lev describes his middle-school self as “overweight and unathletic.” Fed up with getting left behind on the playground, Lev decided to make a positive change and dove headfirst into team sports and weightlifting.

Six years later, Lev is a pole vaulting, squatting, workout machine. We felt lazy and weak just watching him while shooting the video. But you don’t have to work out four hours a day like Lev to get in shape or see benefits. Even a little bit, like 30 minutes a day, helps. You can check out Lev’s video below:

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