Bob’s Kickin’ Cancer Soap

kicking-cancer-soapIf you’re still thinking about what to get Dad for Father’s Day, consider buying a bar of handcrafted soap that not only will leave him smelling great, but also raise needed funds for sarcoma research at SCCA.

Shortly after Bob Middleburg was diagnosed with sarcoma, he and his wife Carol decided to use their talent for making soap to help raise funds for sarcoma research. The Middleburgs own Townsend Bay Soap Company, and created Bob’s Kickin’ Cancer Soap with the goal of raising $5,000 for SCCA’s sarcoma research program. Bob recently finished his fourth week of a five-week radiation schedule, and has already raised $2,000 by selling hundreds of bars of soap since early May. After he completes radiation, Bob and Carol will travel to SCCA for surgery.

Bob’s Kickin’ Cancer Soap is made in small batches in the basement of the Middleburg’s home, and comes in four scents: Olympic Woods, Lavender Mist, Sunny Day, and Hawaiian Hut. Sarcoma receives less than 1 percent of cancer-research funding, and by donating $5 of the $5.45 cost of each bar to sarcoma research, Bob and Carol hope that Bob’s Kickin’ Cancer Soap will not only raise funds for research, but also increase awareness of the disease. Bob’s Kickin’ Cancer Soap is sold at multiple retail locations, and can also be purchased via the Townsend Bay Soap Company’s website. For more information about the Middleburgs and Townsend Bay Soap Company, watch a video of how they manufacture their soap, and read this article in the Peninsula Daily News.

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