SCCA Volunteer Spotlight: Ginger Beugless

Ginger Beugless has been volunteering at SCCA for 13 years. In addition to being an Airport Transportation volunteer, she has served in at least 10 different volunteer roles. She attributes her dedication to SCCA to her time spent here as a cancer patient and SCCA’s reputation for quality care.

Ginger-Beugless“When I became a breast cancer patient about five years ago, I found that all the good things I’d heard patients say about the warmth and caring nature of the doctors, nurses, and staff were indeed true,” Ginger said. “As a patient, I wasn’t just another number; I was a person, a vital part of my health team and treated with amazing respect and care.”

Before moving to Seattle, Ginger spent time as a hospice/respite volunteer while living on the coast of Oregon. When she moved to Seattle in 1998, Ginger wanted to continue helping those with health issues. At that time, she started volunteering at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center concierge desk. However, soon after SCCA was formed, she was enthused to step into new opportunities to serve patients. 

From Ginger’s perspective, “the volunteer opportunities have expanded greatly over the years as the SCCA services have grown. It’s been exciting to see the growth of the field covered by new treatment programs and new volunteer opportunities to support their operation.”

One such volunteer opportunity that developed with SCCA is with the Airport Transportation program. While most volunteers serve in the SCCA clinic or SCCA House, Airport Transportation volunteers stand out because they often serve as a first impression for new patients who aren’t familiar with Seattle or SCCA. So, Ginger’s ability to connect with people makes her a great SCCA representative.

“By the time we arrive at their in-town destination, I can usually put a smile on their faces, see them visibly relaxed and ready to cope with what lies ahead,” Ginger said. “Speaking with these visitors as a surviving cancer patient at SCCA, I hope my enthusiasm and appreciation for all it has to offer gives some relief to any anxiety they may be experiencing now.”

Airport transportation volunteers are responsible for providing transportation for patients, caregivers, and patients’ family members. Most transports consist of drives to and from the airport and the SCCA House or Pete Gross House. Last year, SCCA received 258 transportation requests. As of August of this year, SCCA has received 247 requests—Ginger has filled 60 of these.

“It gives me great joy and pride to be associated with SCCA,” Ginger said.

For more information about this program and SCCA volunteer services, visit the volunteer section of the SCCA website, contact the Volunteer Services department directly at volunteer @ seattlecca . org, or call (206) 288-1073.

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    1. Elham Lawson
      Posted September 18, 2013 at 7:53 am | Permalink

      I just want to take this opportunity and say ‘ Thank You ‘ for the great job and help you have done here @SCCA. I truely appreciate your dedication. What a great role model for all of us!

      My best,
      Elham (Ellie)

    2. Vicky Calnan
      Posted September 18, 2013 at 8:23 am | Permalink

      I have had the pleasure of working in close proximity to Ginger for the past 12 years. I have watched Ginger, with her sweet smile, reach out and make the difference to folks who are being treated here. In fact it doesn’t really stop there. Ginger reaches out to staff and visitors alike, it appears to be very natural for her to lift the spirits of those around her on a daily basis. The SCCA is incredibly lucky to have such a committed, kind and humorous volunteer! Thanks for all you do Ginger!

    3. Posted September 30, 2013 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

      Ginger is one of the finest women I’ve ever known. Warm, kind, selfless, funny, thoughtful, and so inspiring….one of those women you just want to have long coffees with to hear her stories & perspective on life. And she has amazing company in her fellow volunteers at SCCA — they are truly a remarkable group of dedicated folks who make a powerful difference. Thanks for sharing more of the heart of these wonderful people!

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