Highlights from the Northwest Melanoma Symposium

The 7th annual Northwest Melanoma Symposium: Science to Survivorship event took place on Saturday, April 5 at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. SCCA, Fred Hutch, and the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) hosted the event, which was dedicated to melanoma patients, families, and supporters, and included presentations by melanoma specialists who shared the latest information on melanoma prevention and treatment.

Dr. Sancy Leachman: Familial Melanoma & Genetic Predisposition
In this video Dr. Sancy Leachman discusses genetic predisposition to melanoma. Dr. Leachman is a physician-scientist who chairs the Department of Dermatology and is the director of the Melanoma Research Program at the Knight Cancer Institute.

Dr. Shailender Bhatia: Treating Patients with Advanced Melanoma

In this next video, Dr. Shailender Bhatia talks about using systemic drug therapies to treat advanced and metastatic melanoma. Dr. Bhatia is a medical oncologist at SCCA.

Dr. Upendra Parvathaneni: Using Radiotherapy to Treat Melanoma

Below, SCCA radiation oncologist Dr. Upendra Parvathaneni provides an overview of the traditional role of radiotherapy in treating melanoma and the potential for radiotherapy and immunotherapy to work together to fight melanoma.

Dr. David Byrd: Precision Medicine and What it Means

Dr. David Byrd
 is the director of surgery at SCCA. In this video he discusses precision medicine and what it means for the future of treating cancers like melanoma. He covers recent advances such as targeted therapies, the promise of immunotherapy, and the role of genetic testing in cancer care.

Physician Panel: Questions and Answers

This final video shows a physician panel including Drs. Leachman, Bhatia, and Parvathaneni, who answer attendees’ questions about their presentations at the symposium.

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