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Unmatched donors – connections advance research

Finding a match in the world of bone marrow transplantation can be tricky. Some people find a match within their own family and others find this match from a distant stranger. But for more than one-third of people seeking a donor – there isn’t that exact match. New developments and refinements have made what are called alternative […]

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Madhouse crew keeps passion alive for raising money for cancer

  The Madhouse Project is anything but crazy.  Five long-time college friends share a desire to make a difference. In 2005, when they started,  The Madhouse Project organizers could not possibly see where they would be eight years later. This dynamic group raised $150,000 last year for SCCA and finds that the years are adding […]

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Big power of the mini-transplant

One of the biggest ideas in stem cell transplants is what is called a mini-transplant. These transplants – also called non-meyloblative – are designed to be gentler versions of the traditional transplant, which requires strong medicines to suppress the patient’s immune system before a new set of stem cells (which will form a new immune […]

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MammoVan fueled by donations

People putting change into donation jars at grocery stores helps give women screening that may save lives. In a video news report, you can hear about what the writer calls “small change” that fuels big programs, including the SCCA’s own MammoVan, which brings a mobile mammography clinic to women all over the Puget Sound region. […]

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Melanoma meeting set for May 12

Patients and caregivers can attend an all-day event about melanoma May 12 at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Both breakfast and lunch are served during this event, and registration is encouraged at the Melanoma Research Foundation page. Among the featured speakers from SCCA are David Byrd, MD, and Kim Margolin, MD.  You can read more […]

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