SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Closes Out 2014 Campaign

The 2014 season came to a close last week, but not before our track racers racked up wins at the 2014 USAC Track Masters Nationals and 2014 State Championships at the Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond.


National Title Winner Ali McKay on top of the podium (second from right).

At the Masters Track Nationals, Ali McKay won gold in both the Flying Time Trial and Match Sprint events, earning her a national title and Stars and Stripes jerseys for 2015. She also finished second in the Time Trial and second along with Cynthia Maree in the Team Sprint, earning both riders silver medals. Cynthia also finished fourth in the Individual Pursuit and Points races. Vern Cole earned a silver medal by finishing second in the Team Pursuit.

Following up on nationals were the track State Championships on September 5, where Tony Blazejack won the category 3 Scratch Race state title. A Scratch Race is a straight up race against a large field of riders which demonstrates the endurance and strength of a racer. This brings a close to the 2014 season. This year, the team performed at the highest levels while maintaining a great team camaraderie and family environment.

Watch for our Cyclocross updates and remember the SCCA/Starbucks Grand Prix of Cyclocross at Marymoor Park is Sunday November 2! And if you’re wondering what cyclocross looks like, check out the video below from last year’s race.

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    Dr. Daniel Lin on Active Surveillance

    In the video below, Patient Power’s Andrew Schorr talks with Dr. Daniel Lin about one of the treatment options for men who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer–active surveillance. Active surveillance is best suited for men who have low-risk prostate cancer, which Dr. Lin describes as men who have a low Gleason score of 6 or less, a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test of less than 10, a normal digital rectal exam, and biopsy results. Men who are on active surveillance are usually monitored every six months with a PSA and a digital rectal examination, along with serial prostate biopsies every year or so to ascertain whether the cancer is still low-risk or not.

    Dr. Lin also talks about the PASS study and its goal of finding biomarkers that would provide an indication of prostate cancer beyond the PSA test and Gleason score.

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      SCCA Clinical Trial Openings

      clinical-trialsListed below are clinical trials that have opened at SCCA in the last several weeks. These trials are looking at new treatments for patients with head and neck cancer, relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia, recurrent high-grade glioma, and pancreatic cancer. For more information about these trials, click on the links below. Check out our website to learn about the more than 200 ongoing clinical trials at SCCA. And follow us on Twitter at @SCCA_Trials for information about recently opened trials.

      SGX942 for Oral Mucositis in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer (20131334)
      A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Escalating, Multicenter Study Of SGX942 For The Attenuation Of Oral Mucositis In Patients Being Treated With Concomitant Chemoradiation (CRT) For The Treatment Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Head And Neck

      IGN523 for Relapsed or Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia (20140188)
      A Phase 1, Open-Label Study Evaluating the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Clinical Activity of IGN523 in Subjects with Relapsed or Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia

      ANG1005 for Recurrent High-Grade Glioma (20140010)
      ANG1005-CLN-03: A Phase II, Open-Label, Multi-Center Study of ANG1005 in Patients with Recurrent High-Grade Glioma

      Nab-paclitaxel and Gemcitabine vs Gemcitabine Alone for Patients With Resected Pancreatic Cancer (20140859)
      A Phase 3, Multicenter, Open-label, Randomized Study of nab®-Paclitaxel Plus Gemcitabine Versus Gemcitabine Alone as Adjuvant Therapy in Subjects with Surgically Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

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        Seattle to Portland and Back: 335 Miles!

        swimacross-new-logoThat’s how far swimmers at this year’s Swim Across America event swam to raise money to support cancer research, prevention, and treatment at SCCA. On Saturday, September 6, 233 swimmers took the early morning plunge into Lake Washington for a 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and 2 mile swim. So far, the event has raised over $241,000 and counting (it’s not too late to contribute!). See the Seattle SAA Flickr page for pictures from this year’s event. And be sure to check out the Swim Across America website for results of the individuals and teams who helped to make this year’s swim a success.

        Many thanks to everyone who took part, both on land and in the water! See you at next year’s swim—September 12!

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          Tabb Morgan: Prostate Cancer Survivor


          Prostate cancer survivor Tabb Morgan participated in a clinical study at SCCA.

          September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and Tabb Morgan, who was treated for prostate cancer at SCCA, hopes that his experience with prostate cancer will not only increase the understanding of the disease, but will help improve the treatment options for the next generation.

          Tabb Morgan’s father died from prostate cancer at age 62. When he was faced with a rapidly rising PSA and a biopsy confirming his prostate cancer diagnosis at age 40, he was determined not to let history repeat itself. Tabb was treated with three months of hormone therapy at SCCA, followed by a radical prostatectomy at UW Medical Center. He participated in a clinical trial that helped doctors understand how prostate cancers are affected by hormone therapy. While he wishes there had been more awareness of prostate cancer when his father was diagnosed, Tabb hopes that by participating in clinical research, he contributed to helping advance the understanding of the disease so that his sons can avoid a future diagnosis or, if diagnosed, will have an easier cure available. Read more about Tabb’s diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment at SCCA.

          SCCA’s Prostate Oncology Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to treating prostate cancer, offering patients the full spectrum of treatments, including new options available through clinical studies. Learn more about prostate cancer on the SCCA website, including information about early detection of the disease.

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